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Women science and engineer

Assignment: Paper #3: Analysis

Grade: 40%

Write an 8 – 10 pages (Typed, double spaced, MLA style) Select and critically analyze the effects of a legal system, societal norm, or professional practice, in a relevant field of study, in a selected country or geographical region, influencing participation and productivity of women in the past two decades. In addition, analyze the most significant issues/challenges/opportunities facing women scientists and engineers today as they plan their careers. Recommend strategies that can improve the working environment in a selected country or geographical region.

Hint: Paper #3 is similar to Paper #2 but include research that covers any legal policies, government or social norms and/or professional practices. As well as your personal recommendations of strategies that can improve the current situation.

Assigned Reading 4-1 RRR File4-1 The 3Rs Recruitment Retention Returing4-2 Recruitment and Retention of Women4-3 Women into Engineering4-4 Reentering Woman Scientist4-5 101 Working for Change4-6 Recommendations Conclusion4-7 Beyond Gender Schemas Improving the advancement of women in academia