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Week7 Discussion 1 &2

Discussion 1 Week 7 Postmodern approaches

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Let’s collect some metaphors. You saw in the case Stan video on narrative therapy that Dr. Corey’s example of “editing a book” to change the way Stan understood his life story didn’t really work very well at first, because Stan couldn’t easily relate to that metaphor. Eventually, Corey came up with the metaphor of remodeling a house, because he knew that Stan worked in construction, and this new metaphor proved to be much more helpful. Therefore, I think it is a great idea to have a multitude of metaphors at the ready that might work with a variety of clients.

So when considering how re-writing a book might be similar to remodeling a house, describe one other metaphor for making a change in one’s life? Please share a fair amount of detail about the metaphor and how it might work to get a client thinking about changing their life story. Make sure to respond to classmates to move this discussion forward.

Discussion 2 Week 7 Family systems

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Choose one theoretical assumption or technique associated with the family systems perspectives we learned about this week that is very different from the individual approaches to counseling we learned about in previous weeks. How might this assumption or technique be more helpful to clients than 1:1 counseling? How might this assumption or technique be challenging for you to incorporate into your practice?