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Go to the online MIT International Review at  (Links to an external site.) and scroll down to the February 2009 Online Exclusives. Read the article by the UCLA geographers using geographic concepts and information technology to play detectives and track Osama bin Laden to his hideout.Answer the following questions in a 4 page essay:What geographic theories were used to track Osama bin Laden to his possible hiding place?In what types of studies are these theories normally employed?By adapting these theories to their search, what risks are entailed when the theories are put in a different context from their original purpose? (Hint: read the response by Professor Murtaza Haiderd) trace his journey, noting distances, directions, and characteristics of where he stayed,) how does his journey and where Osama bin Laden finally was located and his residence fit into these theories?

 Submit your answers to the questions in a four page, double-spaced  essay.

Due in 7hours