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service learning interview paper- 7 pages

Service Learning Interview Paper

       No unread replies.          No replies.          Interview someone who uses service learning or equivalent in her/his teaching practice within higher education. What model do they use, how do they see that it benefits and supports both teaching and learning outcomes? You may want to connect with someone in your own institution or someone connected to the Indiana Campus Compact group. If you need help finding someone, please me know.
Each paper should be at least 7 pages long – if not more. Be reflective and Follow these components as headings in your paper. 


Rubric Components – Please be as specific as possible and Follow these 7 Components for Each Interview.


1)     Describe the interviewee and the programs, including an introduction to the person/her role/her demographics/ and the program


2)     Describe how and why you selected this person for the interview


3)     Describe the setting for interview (where/how long),


4)     Provide a summary of interview, Be descriptive and include information from the interviews and your observations.


5)     Describe key learning points based on interview questions


6)     Comment about how the context affects their philosophy and their approach in their program planning. What assumptions did they hold about program planning? How were these assumptions demonstrated? What did you learn from each educator and their context?


7)     Summarize the lessons you learned from the interview. Connect these lessons with your personal approach to program planning. How are you going to use what you have learned in your own practice?