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science lab help

Need help no plagirism , no work cited from wikipedia due 4/10/15


Open the attached  topographic map. This is the topo map that includes Fort Collins. This is a large file, so you will have to zoom in to see things on the map. Keep in mind that when you zoom in and out, you change the scale and you must scroll down to see the bar scale when you change the view. Answer the following questions in a separate document:Determine the distances between these places:Fossil Creek Reservoir (between Fort Collins and Loveland) and Windsor Reservoir (between Fort Collins and Greeley)The gravel pit just southwest of Loveland to Riverside Reservoir, east of GreeleyHagues Peak to Longs Peak in the western part of the mapIdentify the elevation of the following:Downtown Fort CollinsCoffintop Mountain in the southwestern cornerThe McIntyre Glen Ranch in the northwest areaWhat is the change in elevation between Longs Peak and Lake Graney?What is the gradient (slope) between Longs Peak and Longmont airport in feet/miles?Identify the longitude and latitude of these features:The USGS Testing Station in the southeast cornerThe Central Plains Experimental Range HQ due north of GreeleyLake Estes on the western side of the mapWhat would you find at the following latitudes and longitudes?40°29’58”, 105°23’45”40°34’00”, 105°14’05”List the range and township for the following locations.Fort CollinsBoulderGreeleyWhat ranch is found in R64W, T3N? In what section of that range and township would you estimate that it is located (use the section map in the legend)?If you had to get from Mount Bryant to the ranger station on the east side of Grand Lake in the southwestern corner of the map, which route would you take and why?Northerly toward the East Inlet of Grand Lake?Southwesterly route toward the underground aqueduct?Make a topographic profile of the region from Mirror Lake in the west central part of the map to Camp Lakes to the northwest.Now make a topographic profile of the region from Mirror Lake in the west central part of the map to Camp Lakes to the northwest. What geologic feature have you just drawn?