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Research Interventions


For your 10-hour guided instruction assignment, you are being asked to consider three alternative interventions for the SAME ISSUE (Birth Disparities), CONCERN, or PROBLEM that is the topic of your Common Assignment paper, and to complete the chart on the following page. 

Please submit the completed chart along with a reference sheet (APA style) any time before the start of class on December 9. 

The completed chart should be approximately 1 complete page with minimal blank space. A small but readable font size (around 10pt) is recommended so more text will fit in the boxes. List advantages and disadvantages for each approach, based on what points you would consider when deciding on an appropriate program or intervention. Make sure to take into consideration whether a particular intervention or program would be similarly useful across cultures and other demographic groups. The advantages and disadvantages can include points specific to your agency (e.g., disadvantage of a biofeedback intervention in a small social service agency may be the cost, which may not be an issue in a hospital setting). For the research evidence column, identify 3-5 scientific articles or program evaluation reports that show evidence for the effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) for each intervention, including among particular sub-groups (e.g., by race, gender, etc.) or settings (e.g., schools, prisons, community, etc.).