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APA format 2 pages 3 references to be done in collaboration of having a curriculum for community with Seton Hall University


Section F: Crafting End-of-Program Outcomes

As a team, review the mission, vision, and philosophy that you created for your curriculum, as well as the overall need or goal that led to the focus of your curriculum. Then, begin to develop your end-of-program outcomes. Refer to the Appendix section titled “Writing Measurable End-of Program Outcomes” for authentic examples that can aid you in writing your outcomes.

Respond to each of the following in bullet or paragraph form during Week 7 of the course. Create 8–10 end-of-program learning outcomes. For each learning outcome, identify the learning domain. Then, complete the following: Describe the competency level used for your learning outcomes. Justify the appropriateness of each learning verb. Explain how these learning outcomes align with the curriculum’s mission, vision, and philosophy as well as the needs of the learner.