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“My Lot in Life” project

 “My Lot in Life” project

Your randomly-assigned “lot” is that you find out that you have a genetic disease (you can pick a specific one if you’d like to research a particular disease more) and you would like to have children, to whom you may pass on your disease. You are responsible for finding relevant and meaningful material on this topic and using the material to write an integrated essay as to how your story or plan for the future would unfold, given this “lot” you have been assigned.

Please note that, given the narrative aspect of this paper topic, you are encouraged to write a least a portion of the paper in the “first-person” (i.e., you may disregard any APA style directions which forbid the use of first person). Put it in a guy perspective


The paper involves presenting the issue, identifying the relevant psychological theories and concepts, summarizing the current research, and stating why the issue is important. Your summarization of current research must identify both sides of the arguments or all ways of dealing with the issue; for example, whether to mainstream or institutionalize children with Down syndrome. You must also discuss how you would deal with this “lot.” The paper may not consist only of answers to these questions; it must be an integrated essay. You will tell the story from your point of view but will incorporate research about the topic that is informing your decision-making process. 

You must include at least four peer-reviewed empirical journal articles, two scholarly website references, and one current article in a popular-press magazine (this may also be a television magazine–show piece).

The paper is to be 6–8 pages long, not including the title and reference pages. The title page, reference page, page numbering, and in-text citations must be in proper APA format.