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MN 502 Unit 1 discussion 2


Unit 1: Unit 1: Course Overview – Discussion

Topic 2: Why Nursing Theory?


Topic 2: Why Nursing Theory?

Magnet status recognizes   healthcare organizations that foster nursing excellence, encourage nursing   staff growth and development, and provide an environment that supports   professional nursing practice. Healthcare organizations recognized with   Magnet status must identify a theoretical framework in which to guide nursing   practice. This framework strengthens nursing’s focus of care and promotes the   acceptance and recognition of nurses as members of a scholarly discipline.   There is little point in professional theory development unless it is used to   guide and change practice. 

A good place to examine how using   nursing theory can enhance your care is to reflect upon why you chose the   nursing profession and what being a nurse truly means to you. Explain how   nursing theory according to the Magnet model can improve the advanced nursing   role.

Please carefully review the   Discussion Board grading rubric in the grading rubrics section of the course   home.