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mid term

What are 5 suggestions the author makes to protecting against accusations and sexual abuse? The fundamental task of a learning environment is to foster the student’s perception of themselves as what three things? List 7 examples of how a teacher can show care to a student. _______________happens when a student recognizes that his or her efforts do make a difference and are an integral part of the total class process. Name 3 ways that teachers of students with disabilities should not be overly protective. Name the 7 barriers referred to in the text that condemn students to failure . In what 3 ways can teachers teach health? ____________can provide structure for students and instructional strategies that promote success not failure. In what 3 ways can a teacher help the assessment process of students? What three factors influence your action in a decision –making situation for setting student boundaries? ________________validates a student’s existence in the class because what he or she does has meaning and has impact on the class and others. What 3 key things equal acceptance? Name the 5 parts of goal-setting .