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Group Project – (15%): DUE DATE: END OF WEEK 6

After completing this course, students should be able to interact appropriately and communicate effectively, using respectful language based on knowledge of diverse populations make connections and analyze problems related to current events using knowledge of the historical context of diversity issues advocate within interpersonal relationships, communities, and organizations, utilizing tools of diversity consciousness and applying knowledge of civil rights and the social ramifications of diversity

During the first week of the course, each student will be assigned to a small group or team (4-5 students), in order to work on a group project. For this assignment, each group is to investigate the current state of immigration in this country. There are already a large number of undocumented individuals in the country. How do you think this issue should be handled? Why? Please address government action, economic action and others as you deem appropriate. Your solution must be reasonable and one that could realistically be implemented. You can select one particular ethnic group or look at all immigrants together. Discuss this topic as a group and as a group, prepare a 2 – 3 page paper for presentation to the class regarding your group conclusions. The paper is to be posted on the Discussion titled “Immigration”. You will each grade your group members based on participation, helpfulness, and the quality of the contributions. The Instructor will assign each student’s grade based on the completed project and the feedback from group members.