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Have you ever come across a problem and said to yourself, “If it was me, I would have done so and so differently”?  In this week’s assignment, you will have an opportunity to do it your way. When we begin a new endeavor, it is always great to know where we are headed. After all, we don’t just build a house and decide where to locate the rooms once the work is completed. In much the same way, any organization should have a good vision of where they currently are, and where they are going.

For your Final Paper, you will be required to create and explain a proposed logic model. This week, you will begin creating the Assumptions/Issues portion of the model. For those without a particular field, you may choose a field that most closely aligns to your future educational career.

For this assignment, you are to place yourself in the role of a workplace educator who is proposing a program evaluation to the leadership team of your organization to implement some innovative way to accomplish a task or fix a problem. You are to choose a topic related to your educational field that can be used in the remaining weeks as well as the final paper (refer to final paper guidelines to get a better idea if your topic will be useful). The proposal and logic model is Parent Involvement You will create a clear and organized flowchart using Microsoft Word that shows the steps needed to accomplish the particular task you chose. For example, suppose you work in the registration department at a college. What are the steps needed for a student to enroll for the first time? Please make sure to pick a specific action that needs to be accomplished. You will need to provide a minimum of 10 steps. Refer to the following examples of flowcharts: Create a basic flowchart  How to make a flow chart in Microsoft Word 2007  [Video file]

Note: Although this page describes flowcharting using MS Visio, you can do the same thing in MS Word. Go to the menu at the top of an MS Word document. Select Insert–>Shapes–>Flowchart  to access all the flowchart shapes. 

Here is an example of an Education Technology initiative in flowchart format:
Educational Technology Initiative Project Planning Flowchart 

Your flowchart should fit on one to two pages (landscape or portrait).  In addition, you are to provide a summary that further details the issue that is being addressed.  Note that you will use this week’s assignment as part of your Final Paper.  

Your summary must be one to two pages in length (not including your title and reference pages), double-spaced, and formatted according to APA style,  References must be properly cited, as needed. A minimum of three scholarly sources must be used, one of which may be your textbook.