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Essay / Writing Assignment/ IDE ~ Intent & StepsThere is one Essay for this class, however it has 4 steps/stages- each with its own deadline.
~deadlines stated in syllabus page 2~

Step 1.
Make a connection between your career field and the visual arts**.  Write & post your thesis statement sentence= (visual arts + career field + connection)  and visual artist born after 1900 within Graded Lesson 1 IDE Discussion Board. [How can or has aspects of the visual arts been used in your chosen career?  or What does your career field and the visual arts have in common?, or how your career field has contributed to the visual arts, or how a similarity exists between the two.   AND identify at least one visual artist born after 1900 to example your connection. ]
[For example, an accountant goes through an analytical process to determine the financial status of a company, and visual artists Jeanne and Claude Christo went through a process when considering the creation of The Gates.  Thus the commonality or common denominator is analytical thinking and processes. ]
View these documents to broaden your concept of an artist and some example connections (Thinking Around an Artist – Connections Wheel.pdf

 **The visual arts are those arts discussed in your textbook.   
   **In addition: although the career field of nursing may be an art, it is not a visual art.  Although the human body is art, it is not a visual art in itself.  However, a nurse can use the visual arts (the artwork of Mary Cassatt for example) to promote mental well being of his/her patients and the human body can be used by artist in sculpture, photography etc. 
   **In addition:  not all visual images are visual artworks!!  Visual images include some advertising, medical illustrations, etc.  However, all visual artworks rely upon visual images- as all visual artwork are visual by nature.  If this is unclear for you- send your instructor a BB Message with your specific questions.

Step 2.
Write your essay. (see below requirements for essay content and format)
Submit your essay to the Writing Lab for their feedback on format, grammar, etc. (submit through (Use Writing Lab Announcement for submitting information) or email the [email protected]  (allow at least 48hours workday turn around) ((Ensure you or the Writing Lab sends me an email of verification (time and date) of your submission. I do not need to see their feedback to you) The one required scholarly (found through class textbook & online CTC Library – not Internet websites) source must support at least  one side of the connection you are claiming in your thesis statement with specific information and examples(in the form of at least 2 in-text citations from this source).  Your paper must include documentation of sources within the essay in the form of in-text citations and then a works cited page.  This is an absolute requirement to avoid Plagiarism.  All references to images must be documented in MLA style as seen in the Example Essay.
 Please go to the Writing Lab’s workshop on Finding and Evaluating Sources- instructions for access found in the Announcements. 
In addition, the below “Helpful Resources ….” websites can be referenced to help write and properly document quoted or summarized information from your two supporting sources.
Step 3.
Apply information from Writing Lab Submit your essay to me through Safe Assign.  Step 4. 
Essay will be returned to you in a BB Message with grade or requested revisions.  Make any revisions Resubmit essay to me attached to a  BB Message.  [NOTE–   Nudity and naked. Nudity in art can be considered acceptable for this class, and is defined as a human body portrayed in art as part of the process of learning to portray the natural human body.  Nudity is demonstrated in numerous artworks within the course such as Doryphorus.   Naked is not acceptable for this class, and this includes art which demonstrates the manipulation of the human body and/or pornography and/or sex acts. Basically, conservative artworks which would be in the college textbook for Art Appreciation allowed~ask your instructor first if in doubt.

Essay / Writing Assignment/ IDE ~ Format
Graded Lesson 1 DB post= Step 1

Within graded Lesson 1 IDE Discussion Board – Enter the link for your career group & Make a post- In two+ sentences state thesis statement and artist name (born after 1900)

Must be posted AND approved by instructor before the essay is submitted.

Essay= steps 2-4

Add this at the top of your essay

“I have read and understand the ‘CTC Plagiarism Statement’ listed in this course. I understand that my essay will not be accepted without this statement. I have included the proper documentation and if my essay contains any form of undocumented sources I may automatically receive a 0 on this assignment.”

A. Essay Writing= 500-650 word count of Essay Writing Required (this count does not include the plagiarism statement nor the Works Cited page)
     a. Introduction Paragraph with Thesis Statement (4+ sentences)
     b. Supporting Arguments (3+ paragraphs)(use at least 2 in-text citations with supporting evidence from a Scholarly source/s and properly document with any necessary quotation marks) (these 2 may not be used for definitions nor artwork reference only))
     c. Conclusion (2+ sentences)
B. Composition.
     a. Grammar and Spelling Count.  1″ Margins, Double Spaced, Times Roman 12pt, correct document type, etc.
C. Documentation
      a. MLA Formatting of In-Text Citations –a grade may not be earned without proper in-text citations and documentation
      b. Use MLA Formatting for all sources used on the Works Cited page  -a grade will not be earned without a proper Works Cited page
             Use MLA 2016 8th edition with both URL and Accessed date for Library database or any instructor approved website. {see example essay}

Essay / Writing Assignment/ IDE ~ Thesis/Body/ Conclusion & ExampleAttached Files:  Essay 2017 – Student .rtf (58.193 KB)
An introduction includes a topic introduction to engage the reader- yet keep it formal. A thesis statement provides the connection or theory you are going todiscuss in your essay.  (State career field, area of visual art and interdisciplinary connection to be made in essay.)
Example Thesis Statement (part 1):
The interdisciplinary connection between the visual arts and psychology will be the focus of this essay.
Example Thesis Statement (part 1 & 2 specific):
The interdisciplinary connection between the visual arts and psychology will be the focus of this essay. I will briefly discuss each area of study and how the field of psychology has influenced Surrealism, a style of art in the early twentieth century, which incorporated the dream state into art imagery.  The artwork of Jane Jones will be used to example this association between the visual arts and psychology. BODY
3-8 paragraphs: which should include a short description of your area of study as it relates to the thesis, a description of the visual arts aspect, and the supporting evidence (provided by required Scholarly source/s-documented with in at least 2 MLA in-text citations) connecting the two, and finally your short opinion paragraph of this connection.  ***Do not use section headings. CONCLUSION
Summarize your research in one additional conclusion paragraph.  Do not introduce any new ideas or information.  Reword or summarize the thesis statement and summarize how you came to this conclusion in the body. A good rule of thumb is to take a summary sentence, as it directly leads to the thesis, from each of your main paragraphs. WORKS CITED PAGE