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Final Paper for Interpersonal Communications


Upload your 4-6 page (excluding title page and reference page)

with about 3 other additional scholarly sources included. Your writing should display knowledge, analysis, evaluation, and application of the material you have studied in the course. Make sure to use size twelve font, double-spacing, and APA documentation.

Potential Topics: Intercultural communication and cultural stereotypes Interpersonal communication in the workplace Attribution theory and successful relationships Vulnerability: how, when, and why? Conflict: the growth or death of relationships Gender styles of interpersonal communication: can we all just get along? Media and its role in shaping interpersonal communication I look at life from both sides now: perception and its role in interpersonal communication The evolution of the family unit and the role of interpersonal communication in shaping the changes I am who ‘they say I am,” or am I who I say I am?: self concept, interpersonal communication, and personal growth Sticks and stones can break my bones but words…: the power of verbal and nonverbal communication