The deadline that you indicate on the Order form is the time by which the Writer will finish your work and have it delivered to you. Should the deadline change while the Order is already underway, you should inform the Writer immediately so he/she can make proper adjustments.

After filling out several fields in the Order form and pressing ‘Place an Order’ button, you are redirected to a page that contains detailed information on your assignment. Here you may add instructions, indicate the style needed, write a detailed description, and attach all necessary files.

Once the Writer has received the payment, you will get a choice of receiving your essay as a PDF file or a MS Word document. You can download it directly from your account on our Website and save it to any device that you want.

If there is something you are not happy with, please make sure to inform your Writer immediately, preferably before the product is done. Once the Order is completed and the payment has been made, it is no longer possible to request any revisions to it. You do have the option of placing the Order again and choosing a rewriting or editing service.

There are two ways for you to pay. You can either load money onto your account and manage Writer’s payments through there, or you can make direct payments through SafeCharge. Both of these methods are safe and secure.

You can – click on the ‘Edit Order Details’ button on your Order page. Depending on the changes, this may make the Writers’ bids outdated and no longer active. If the Order has been accepted, then you will need to communicate with the Writer and come to an agreement with them.

While it is rare, it is possible for an Order to not receive any bids. If it happens to you there are a couple of things you can do. First, review your Order details carefully and make sure that everything is clear and all of the supporting documents are there. You also have an opportunity of choosing an option called ‘Assign Writer Automatically’. With this option, our system will automatically go through all of the available Writers that fit your required subject area and assign the best-fitted writer to work on your Order.