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Discussion 250-300 words week 2 Sam

  Analyzing Nature Versus Nurture Influences

Compare and contrast your assigned readings regarding nature versus nurture with the information shared in the video Nature or Nurture from Science Channel. What did you find most interesting in the conversation? How do social and cultural environments impact newborns? Share any professional or personal observations that support your post.

  Studies Readings

Use your Infants, Children, and Adolescents text to complete the following: Read Chapter 2, “Genetic and Environmental Foundations,” pages 50–89. Read Chapter 3, “Prenatal Development,” pages 90–121. Read Chapter 4, “Birth and the Newborn Baby,” pages 122–157.

These chapters focus on the prenatal development, birth, and newborn status of children and the factors that impact this stage of development.

Remember, your e-books are available for reading via VitalSource Bookshelf. You can access Bookshelf from the left Course Tools menu or via the optional downloaded application.

Use the Capella library to read Kingston, Tough, and Whitfield’s 2012 article, “Prenatal and Postpartum Maternal Psychological Distress and Infant Development: A Systematic Review,” from Child Psychiatry and Human Development, volume 43, issue 5, pages 683–714.

Use the Internet to view the video Nature or Nurture | Transcript from Science Channel. You will use the information in this podcast in this unit’s discussion.