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Culture Anthropology paper


Anthropology 2

Spring 2018

 Extra Credit 

The extra credit assignment is to analyze a belief, behavior, or group in relation to its 

place in the spectrum of cultural beliefs, institutions, and behaviors.  You should choose 

from any culture and time that interests you.  Students in the past have analyzed musical 

performances, Soviet architecture, internet chatrooms, social media sub-cultures, fandom, 

and many more.

First, I want a brief, approximately half-page synopsis of the society, institution, culture, 

belief system, and/or behavior on which you are going to focus.  

Second, provide me with an analysis of the element in question from the viewpoint of one 

or two of the theorists we have talked about this semester. Be sure to be thorough in your 

analysis.  Do not repeat the professor or the text.  To receive an “A” you will have to do 

considerable thought and some research.

The assignment should be a minimum of approximately three pages of double-spaced 

type and an absolute maximum of six pages of double-spaced type.  Intelligent analysis, 

careful writing, and clear and well-supported arguments are the basis of your grade.  Your 

analysis must be original and be your own.  This assignment is not to be worked on in 


The due date for the extra credit is in class on the day of the final.  Late papers will 

not be accepted.