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Co-Occurring Treatment Plan Sheet

The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with the   treatment and recovery methods, modalities, and strategies.

After reading all assigned material complete the “Co-occurring   Treatment and Recovery Chart” by filling in the information for   the following categories below. Description or definition of the strategy: What is the     strategy and modality? For example, regarding stages of change, what     is the brief definition of this method? Key concepts and     brief definitions: What are the common terms used in this model?     Provide brief definitions for terms and concepts. Purpose/use of strategy in working with clients with     co-occurring disorders: Why is this particular model or strategy     used in working with persons with co-occurring disorders? In other     words, what is its purpose? Overall successful outcomes     appearances: How are successful outcomes recognized? How     the strategy is used in various treatment settings: How might the     strategy be utilized in the different treatment settings? Is the     approach different depending on the setting? How the     strategy aids in recovery: In what way does the strategy help the     client recover?