psych paper (health change to my life)

You will be asked to choose a health related behavioral change that you would like to make in your own life.You will identify a specific change, set concrete goals, keep a log on your progress and identify barriers to change as well as factors that promote change. Your final product will also include a discussion of the psychological principals and evidence base associated with your change process, and what you learned about the process that could be relevant to medical settings. FOLLOW APA guidelines and present your baseline, intervention, results for your target behavior(s) in the context of peer-reviewed research. You should have an introduction, methods section, results section, and discussion section. I HAVE INCLUDED A BASIS OF MY INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT BELOW. There must be obvious use of qualitative and quantitative data. Paper also MUST be 10 pages. Below I have attached the grading criteria. MY HEALTH CHANGE is better sleep schedule. Below i have attached an assignment I have completed and will need to be put in my essay. MAKE SURE TO ANSWER this in the paper. ‘Could you define your target behavior(s) more specifically (beyond total amount of sleep).  What are you going to measure during your baseline and intervention phases. 5 CREDIBLE SOURCES REQUIRED. 

Research Article Critical Annotation

A critical annotation is more than a summary; it also evaluates the material in terms of its usefulness and quality.

You will write a CRITICAL Annotation for your assignments.

Each will be worth 50 pts.


(Guideline & Rubric)

The following is a systematic way of evaluating a quantitative research article.

Prepare your critical annotation with appropriate headings and use APA format.  State the complete reference for the research [author, title, journal, pages, and URL (if applicable)]. A complete citation of the article goes at the top of the page, below your heading.


Brief Summary (5 pts.)

Write a  Summary of the article (limited to one paragraph).  The summary involves briefly but accurately stating the key points of the article for a reader who has not read the original article.

The following Questions are meant to GUIDE you through the critique. You do not  have to answer every question below in the following sections.

Review of Literature & Theoretical Framework (5 pts) Does the literature review make the relationships among the variables explicit or place the variables within a theoretical/conceptual framework? What are the relationships? What gaps or conflicts in knowledge of the problem are identified? Are the references cited by the author mostly primary or secondary sources? Do the researchers’ clinical, substantive, or methodological qualifications and experience enhance confidence in the findings and their interpretation?

Statement of the Problem or Purpose (5 pts) What is the problem and/or purpose of the research study? Does the problem or purpose statement express a relationship between two or more variables? If so, what is/are the relationship(s)? Are they testable? What significance of the problem, if any, has the investigator identified? Are the hypotheses testable?

Population & Sample (5 pts) Was the population identified and described? What type of sampling method is used? Is it appropriate to the design? Does the sample reflect the population as identified in the problem or purpose statement? Is the sample size appropriate? To what population may the findings be generalized? What are the limitations in generalizability?

Research Design (5 pts) What type of design is used? Does the design seem to flow from the proposed research problem, theoretical framework, literature review, and hypothesis? What type(s) of data-collection method(s) is/are used in the study?

Data Collection Instruments & Measurement (5 pts) Are the specific instruments adequately described and were they good choices, given the study purpose and study population? Observational methods: Who did the observing? How were the observers trained to minimize bias? Was there an observational guide? Were the observers required to make inferences about what they saw? Is there any reason to believe that the presence of the observers affect the behavior of the subjects? Physiological measurement: Is a rationale given for why a particular instrument or method was selected? If so, what is it? What provision is made for maintaining the accuracy of the instrument and its use, if any? Interviews: Who were the interviewers? How were they trained to minimize the bias? Is there evidence of any interview bias? If so, what was it Questionnaires: What is the type and/or format of the questionnaire(s) (e.g. Likert, open-ended)? Is (Are) it (they) consistent with the conceptual definition(s)? Does the reliability & validity of each instrument seem adequate? Why?

Data Analysis (5 pts) Were analyses undertaken to address each research question or test each hypothesis? What descriptive or inferential statistics are reported? Were these descriptive or inferential statistics appropriate to the level of measurement for each variable? Are the inferential statistics used appropriate to the intent of the hypotheses?

Conclusions (5 pts) Are the results interpreted in the context of the problem/purpose, hypothesis, and theoretical framework/literature reviewed? Are the generalizations within the scope of the findings or beyond the findings? Do the researchers discuss the implications of the study for clinical practice or further research and are those implications reasonable and complete?

Extras Is the report well written, well organized, and sufficiently detailed for critical analysis? Do the researchers’ clinical, substantive, or methodological qualifications and experience enhance confidence in the findings and their interpretation? Is the report well written, well organized, and sufficiently detailed for critical analysis?


5 pages paper about human development

This will be checked for originality and for following instructions and will be refunded if it didn’t meet criteria 

Religion paper, 2 pages due in 3 hours (7pm pst wenesday)

Has to be delivered today Wenesday7pm

2 pages 


For this assignment, we will be discussing pages 146 to 175 Buddhist Legends in class.  You may read the story “Why Cry For the Moon,” on pages 159-166 if you like, but it is not part of the assigned reading (although it’s a very interesting story.)

As you read those pages, see if you can find the answers to these questions.

You must include direct quotations from the Buddhist Legends in your answers in order to earn full points.

1.  What does this reading say about what lay people do for Buddhist monks?

2.  Did you find what Molloy calls “The Three Marks of Reality”  in this reading? If so, what are they and where did you find them?

3.  What does the Elder (also called Maha Pala and Palita) refuse to do (hint: it is related to the “Four Postures,” which Molloy doesn’t cover-Google it!), and what are the negative and positive consequences of that?

4.  What is the relationship of Maha Pala to his brother?

5.  Why did Maha Pala become blind (hint: there are two answers)?

6.  What does Tissa (called “Tissa the Fat” in the heading of this section) do wrong in this life? And what did he do wrong in his past life?

7.  What do the barren wife and the fruitful wife do wrong?

Masters psychology

3 paper edits for research proposal capstone project.

Psych 655 Measures of Intelligence Powerpoint Presentation Week Five

Select two assessments of intelligence and two achievement tests.


Prepare a 12- to 15-slide presentation about your selected instruments. In your analysis, address the following:Critique the major definitions of intelligence. Determine which theory of intelligence best fits your selected instruments. Explain how the definition and the measures are related.Evaluate the measures of intelligence you selected for reliability, validity, normative procedures, and bias.Compare and contrast your selected intelligence and achievement assessments. How are the goals of the tests similar and different? How are the tests used? What are the purposes of giving these differing tests?

SPSS Qualitative Research

for  mathematicsexpert

Qualitative research often generates large amounts of data that must be ethically gathered and analyzed. The use of statistical software such as the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) can significantly simplify and enhance the analysis of qualitative research data. In this assignment, you will consider the ethical issues of qualitative research and use SPSS to analyze some sample data. Use link to access assignment


1500 words 

APA format 

3 references 

Explain signs, symptoms, treatment, and levels of autism. 

Module 8 written assignment

For your final Writing Assignment, you have three choices. Please choose one of the following prompts and begin drafting your assignment. As long as I see earnest effort, I won’t be terribly strict about word count this week. Please use what you create for the discussion in the Writing Assignment itself.

Here are the choices: 

Choose one of the following options to complete. On page 109 of your textbook, view Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Beheading Holofernes, c. 1612. Answer thefollowing in essay form using 200 – 250 words.
      1. What is happening in this picture? Why?
      2. What does this picture teach us in regard to morality?
      3. Read about the context of this painter on pp. 108 – 109. After reading this section, how does this changehow you view this painting? Does this context add another layer of understanding to the action of the painting? Write a love song. You may write your own music, or use someone else’s musical score, but give them credit (Rolling Stones, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”). Explain using 200 – 250 words, what kind of love you are extolling and who this song is dedicated to and why.
  What music, poetry, sculpture, paintings, architecture, dance, theatre, or cinema art form would you like to have performed or viewed at your funeral to express your life? Explain in detail, using 200 – 250 words, why you have chosen the various pieces to affirm your life.

1500essay (Psychology: The Science of Behaviour )

will choose ONE of the following essay questions to answer:

1) Discuss the claim that Psychology is a science, using a specific psychological research study from the field of Psychology to support your argument.

2) Referring to a specific research study, discuss why it is important for researchers to consider research ethics.3) Using the example of a psychological research study, discuss a theoretical model or approach that underpins the field of psychology