Critical Response on an article "What laws exist to control homelessness?"

1. Read a scholarly on laws exist to control homelessness, peer-reviewed journal article 

2. Create an introductory paragraph that lays out the organization of the paper and informs the reader of your research question. You can use first person in this intro paragraph. Use heading for the question after the introduction

3. Summarize the article (3rd person)

               a. What is the author’s research question, thesis statement, or main point?

                               1. what is the population of interest in this article?

               b. What previous research does the author(s) discuss?

               c. What does the research find?

                               1. how did they find this (what methodology was used?)?

                               2. Does the author(s) list any research limitations?

4. How can this article help you with your final research paper You can use first person with this

5. Write the paper in APA format. You need a cover page, 2-3 pages of text, and a reference page.

               a. Use proper in-text citation

Reliability and Validity in Quantitative Research

  Reliability and Validity in Quantitative Research

Using a quantitative article that you previously selected, post the following information: Describe the variables used in the research and how they were measured. Describe any assessments that were used. Discuss the types of reliability that were reported for the measurement instrument (test-retest, inter-rater, parallel forms, split-half) and validity (content, construct, criterion). Using your textbook and the quantitative validity article assigned in this unit’s studies, linked in Resources, construct an external validity checklist and an internal validity checklist, noting how your selected article did address or could have addressed each issue. Discuss how the reliability and validity in the research contribute to the scientific merit of the research. Post the persistent link for the article in your response. Refer to the Persistent Links and DOIs guide, linked in Resources, to learn how to locate this information in the library databases. Cite all sources in APA style and provide an APA-formatted reference list at the end of your post. Response Guidelines

After reviewing the discussion postings, choose one peer to respond to. For your response: Follow the persistent link to the article being discussed. Using the language of research, explain how you agree or disagree with your peer’s evaluation, offering your own suggestions for improving the research design. Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. APA Style and Format. Capella University Library. Persistent Links and DOIs. Experimental Methods in Political Science.


attached is the assignment .


Prepare a resume that describes not only your work and educational experience, but also any extracurricular activities or volunteer work in which you have engaged, as well as your professional aspirations. Include a cover letter expressing your interest in the site. Make sure you have a specific name to direct the cover letter to. APA format is not required; however, solid writing skill is expected. Keep your resume and update as needed. Many states can require this information, so if you keep it up to date, you will not have to recreate it

Film Analysis due in 6 hours


In addition to entertaining us, movies offer detailed portrayals of human social behavior. Your task in this assignment is to analyze — from a social-psychological perspective — the behaviors and events depicted in one of the films listed below. You are not being asked to critique the film in terms of its value as a work of art or as entertainment. Rather, you should think carefully about the human actions and events portrayed in the film. Then, to make sense of this material, apply what you’ve learned this semester regarding the factors that predict and explain human social behavior. This assignment is comprehensive: Use any/all concepts encountered in this course that relate to the issues, interactions, and behaviors portrayed. 

Written responses should be at least 4 full pages. Submit via Blackboard by the deadline.

Your paper should be in APA style, and you will see from the grading rubrics that I will deduct points for those deviating from APA style. For some help in determining APA style, see:

• Degelman & Harris’ APA Style Essentials• An excellent APA crib sheet from my alma mater, Georgia Southern University.• A nice FAQ from Purdue for how to cite odd materials (e.g. lecture notes).• The official APA Style website from the APA. It mostly wants to sell you products.• Psych Web’s excellent list of internet APA style resources

Always, always, without fail, keep a copy of your paper. 

Choose a movie to watch (the following are recommended, but not required). Please choose a movie that is new to you.

You may not choose Zootopia or Edward Scissorhands. 

• Experimenter (2015)• The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015)• Hidden Figures (2016)• Sing Street (2016)• TiMER (2009)• North Country (2005)• That Thing You Do (1996)• Get Out (2017)• According to Greta (2009)• Edward Scissorhands (1990)• Swimfan (2002)• The Big Sick (2017)

Find and discuss three or more social psychology concepts present in the movie. For each concept that you identify:

• Briefly describe the relevant scene (you may assume that your reader has seen the film)• Provide detailed examples from dialogue or a situationto show how the concept is present• Describe in detail the social-psychological principle you believe is relevant. Your job here is to demonstrate that you understand the principle or theory, and that you can describe it in your own words. An occasional quote from your text or another source is fine, but for the most part, you should be conveying your knowledge without the aid of others’ words. You don’t need to do library research for this – using your text or your lecture notes as resources is fine – but remember the rules about avoiding plagiarism! It’s best if you are specific about the principles you discuss. For example, don’t just indicate that your scene illustrates helping, or conformity, or persuasion, or aggression. Instead, indicate what specific theory, or principle or aspect of helping/conformity/persuasion/aggression, etc. that your scene illustrates.• Elaborate on how the selected scene illustrates the principle you have identified. It’s also ok to write about how a scene might fails to follow predictions derived from the social-psychological principle or theory. Where possible, make reference to how your scene maps onto specific research findings (for example, describe how the scene is similar to or different from relevant experiments you’ve read or heard about). It’s very important that you do more than simply say something like “this scene illustrates conformity.” You must be specific on precisely how and in what form the scene illustrates conformity, or how it fails to support what you learned about conformity in the class.• Be sure to include a short Introduction to orient the reader, as well as a short Discussion to tie things together.

Critique and Application of the Psychoanalytic and Adlerian Practices in Therapy

  Corey, G. (2017). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. 

Instructions: Link to book: 

Watch The Case of Stan therapy sessions for Psychoanalytic and Adlerian therapy on your DVD after reading chapters 4 and 5.

Answer the following questions: Briefly in your own words, describe Freud’s, Jung’s, and Adler’s views on the influence of the past on the development of present personality structure. Which stance do you align with the most? Explain using examples of your personal experiences and your spiritual worldview. After learning a little more about Stan, at what psychosocial stage(s) of Erikson’s (found on pg. 65-66) do you think Stan encountered a crisis that was not resolved? Explain.

Complete this assignment in a word processor and upload when completed. Assignment should be 3 full pages minimum – 4 full pages maximum in length (excluding cover page and reference page), size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins.


Watch the documentary: Polyamory – Hidden Lives: Three in a Bed – 2007

Discuss the differences between the couples portrayed in the documentary.




This textbook must be used for this assignment Jones, S. L., & Butman, R. E. (2011). Modern psychotherapies: A comprehensive Christian appraisal (2nd ed.). Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. ISBN: 9780830828524.

Jones & Butman: Chapter 5

Murdock, N. L. (2017). Theories of counseling and psychotherapy: A case approach (custom package) (4th ed.). Upper Saddle Creek, NJ: Pearson. 

Murdock: Chapters 8 Behavior Therapy 

Chapter 14 Solution Focused Therapy

no plagiarism please ,READ Cite and APA 1:3

Assignment 3: Juvenile Court

In this assignment, you will focus on evaluations typically conducted for juvenile courts. Some specific purposes of these evaluations include informing the courts of the juvenile’s competency and treatment needs and aiding the courts in adjudication decisions. These evaluations also might help the courts determine appropriate sentences for juveniles charged with crimes. The evaluator has the challenging responsibility of presenting the evaluation results for these intended purposes. Tasks:

Write a 3- to 4-page paper, including the following points: A forensic psychology professional may be asked to conduct different types of juvenile court evaluations. Using the resources and the Internet, research professional literature available on these evaluations. Professional literature may include relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, and .gov). Identify and discuss the forensic psychology professional’s role in juvenile courts. Compare and contrast three different types of evaluations the forensic psychology professional is asked to perform in juvenile courts.

Your paper should rely upon at least three sources from additional professional literature; the sources must be cited in APA format. Professional literature may include relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, and .gov).

Assignment 3 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsIdentified and explained the forensic psychology professional’s role in juvenile courts.44Identified and described the criminal and civil evaluations the forensic psychology professional is asked to perform in juvenile courts.44Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.12