The Practice of Clinical Psychology Worksheet

The Practice of Clinical Psychology Worksheet


Answer the following questions. Your response to each question must be at least 150 words in length.


1.     What are at least two legal issues associated with clinical psychology? Provide an example of a situation that could be legal but unethical. Explain your response.




2.     What are at least two ethical issues associated with clinical psychology? Provide an example of a situation that could be ethical but illegal. Explain your response.




3.     Define professional boundaries, boundary crossings, and boundary violations. What effects do boundaries have on the therapeutic relationship?




4.     What are at least two cultural limitations associated with assessment and treatment? In your response, discuss the use or misuse of assessment instruments, therapy techniques, research results, or any other facet of clinical practice that could have potentially harmful, culture-specific implications.

2 pages of content, not including title page or reference page, with references no plagiarism

In a researched essay: 


Consider a work situation or a social situation in which you believe that your right and ability to make a decision from free will was compromised by obstacles or rules or societal norms. 


Answer the following questions:

Why do you think that free will was compromised?What led you to make the decisions and take the actions that you took?How did you resolve the differences between what you really wanted to do in the situation, and what the restrictions, rules, or societal conventions “told” you to do?How should people, in general, react to conflicting feelings about the actions to take in given situations?Should they follow the rules, or should they be free to pursue what they believe to be right, regardless of the rules?

Base your discussion and argument on what you have learned about free will, determinism, and other philosophical concepts. Use outside resources, from your reading materials, the library or elsewhere, to complete the assignment. 


Use the APA document format to construct your paper, and be sure to follow guidelines for research citations and reference formatting

Research paper 335

write a paper that should be no less than seven pages long, excluding the title and reference page(s). You should research the topic using library resources and additional readings and references at the end of the chapters assigned. The paper must follow APA format, including citations for all references you use.

Topic- Gender and the Media: Demonstrate the most recent research on how gender and gender roles are portrayed in the media.


Write a 3–4-page assessment in which you examine possible connections between adult attachment styles and the types of love that adults develop.


Look in the Capella library for research articles on the topic of attachment styles in adulthood, theories of love, and the relationship between attachment styles and types of love. Consider whether there is a connection between adult attachment styles and the types of love adults develop. In your assessment, include the following:Examine the relationship between Sternberg’s triangular theory of love and types of adult attachment as described by Baumeister and Bushman (see the Context for this assessment).Are specific types of attachment related to specific types of love?Does research support a connection between type of adult attachment and type of adult love?Explain how a psychology professional can use the research on attachment styles and types of love to help people prepare for success in couple relationships.

Your submitted assessment should be 3–4 pages in length, excluding title page and reference page. Be sure to follow APA guidelines for format and style.Additional RequirementsInclude a title page and reference page.At least three current scholarly or professional resources.APA format.Times New Roman font, 12 point.Double spaced.

module 8.2

module 8.2

PCN-521 Module 2 DQ 1

Module 2 DQ 1

What are the pros and cons of insisting that the entire family attend the initial consultation?



"Traumatic Stress in Female Veterans".

The topic for the research must be approved in advance by the instructor. Each chapter in the text has accompanying research exercises. With prior approval by the instructor, you may choose to respond to one of these research exercises with your paper. You may also choose to identify your own topic. Either way, it is imperative to communicate with the instructor about your research paper.  Please make sure you choose your topic early. Use your text and at least two outside sources to document your paper.   Please compose your paper using Microsoft Word. The paper must be 1,000 words or more. (This is about four double-spaced pages.)   All paper need to be typed, double-spaced with margins of 1 inch on each side. For the font, please use Times New Roman 12 point. Here is a website with information on the APA documentation style:  The American Psychological Association writing format should be used. Reference librarians at each campus, in person or via phone or Internet, can assist you with this.  Please post using your name and your topic area. Your document must be submitted to the Research Paper Dropbox for grading.    This same document must be submitted to the Research Paper Discussion Forum. This allows students to complete the course discussions requirement. More information can be found under the Course Content link.



 The length of this essay should be one to two double-spaced pages  (excluding title and reference pages).  Use 12-point font and format  your paper with regular 1-inch margins. 

A researcher has recorded the reaction times of 20 individuals on a  memory assessment. The following table indicates the individual times:


























 In this essay, demonstrate your ability to organize data into  meaningful sets, calculate basic descriptive statistics, interpret the  results, and evaluate the effects of outliers and changes in the  variables.  You may use Excel, one of the many free online descriptive  statistics calculators, or calculate the values by hand and/or with a  calculator. 

Next, separate the data into two groups of 10; one group will be the  lower reaction times, and the second group will be the higher reaction  times.  Then, address the following points in your essay response: Calculate the sum, mean, mode, median, standard deviation, range, skew, and kurtosis for each group. How do the two groups differ? Are there any outliers in either data group? What effect does an outlier have on a sample?

Lastly, double each sample by repeating the same 10 data points in  each group.  You will have a total of 20 data points for each group.  After completing this, address the following in your essay response: Calculate the following for the new data groups: sum, mean, mode, median, standard deviation, range, skew, and kurtosis. Did any of the values change? How does sample size affect those values?

Personality Traits; Chapter 3

Post Discussion: This chapter begins with 4 models of personality (metatheories)  For this post, choose 1 theory and support why you believe that one model is more valid than the others.  

Week 3 Project for Human Growth and Development

Transition into Adulthood The transition into adulthood may differ depending on cultural traditions and rites of passage from adolescence to adulthood. The transition into adulthood is also a time for relationships and romance from a normative perspective.

l  Describe at least two unique rites of passage to adulthood on the basis of ethnic or cultural variations.


l  Explain the concepts of pluralism and assimilation and describe how they affect the rites of passage of individuals.


l  Describe different attachment styles.


l  Explain the attachment style you feel would be most effective in forming lasting relationships.


l  Describe the different types of attraction.


l  Explain the type of attraction you feel would be most effective in establishing lasting relationships.