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for Ncicho

1. Television or Video Games and Violent Behavior

(Please note that this is a list of suggestions. A different topic can be selected if you have a preference for a topic that is not listed)

Use the  library to locate two peer-reviewed articles on your chosen topic. The articles should argue opposite sides of the controversy.

Use the resources found to construct an APA title page and reference section that conform to guidelines found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Reference sections should include at least two articles, one book, and one electronic source.

Leisure 3


ASSIGNMENT #3 DESCRIPTION: Module 3 readings and lectures describes some of the specific contributions of leisure participation to emotional and physical health. Identify at least two positive health outcomes and describe how motivation, participation, and the realization of these benefits may vary across populations based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, and/or socioeconomic status.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Your assignment must be no longer than three pages in length. Any content beyond three pages will not be graded Your assignment must be double spaced and 12 point font a.  You must cite and reference at least three academic sources including but not limited to peer-reviewed journal articles and textbook. You may also cite and reference newspaper articles or other popular media over and above your three academic references. Purdue OWL: APA formatting (Links to an external site.) is a good source for proper in-text citations and reference page format.
b.  The following .pdf is a series of screen prints to show you how to digitally access and search for subject specific information.  The .pdf was prepared for your use by John Van Hook, Source Librarian for Library West.  UF Library research steps with screen prints.pdf
c. Further research assistance is available from John Van Hook ([email protected]) and LeiLani Freund ([email protected]). Additional contact information for Van Hook and Freund is available at UF Library Staff Directory (Links to an external site.). Include your name and student number on your assignment only.  No cover page, course number, assignment number, etc., is necessary. Submit your assignment in Canvas. Do not submit by email unless you have difficulty access Canvas Submit your assignment before the deadline as late assignments will not be accepted and will receive a 0 grade

psychology 1

This is the list of book from which you must choose. Choose only 1 book. The textbook CANNOT be used as a book report. Your paper must be in either MLA or APA format, and 1500 words in length (not including headers and work cited) – double spaced.  Your paper must be submitted using the submission link for the book report.  It must be in “word format”. NO GOOGLE docs. No pages doc. No text doc. Submission of formats other than a word.doc results in a zero. You may not use a previously handed in paper from another time you took this class. That will result in a zero for the paper. 

catch up psy ***


1.) dentify the differences between case studies, naturalistic and laboratory observations, tests, surveys, correlational studies, and experiments 

2.) Distinguish between a theory, a hypothesis, and an operational definition. You must also provide an example for each one.
3.) Compare the three early psychologies of structuralism, functionalism, and psychoanalysis. Your response should identify the major thinkers who promoted each of these schools of thought and an example of an area they would examine 

4.) When people think of psychology, they usually think of mental disorders, emotional disorders, abnormal acts, personal problems, and psychotherapy, but it relates to many different areas of life. Define psychology, and describe how it addresses topics from a scientific perspective. Your answer must include two specific examples. 

5.) Classical conditioning and operant conditioning are two ways in which learning occurs in some animals, including humans. Provide one example of each type of conditioning from your own life. Explain step-by-step how the conditioning occurred. What would it take to unlearn this behavior? 

6.) We all have very busy and stressful lives. Give an example of a stressful event from your own life, and then analyze it in terms of the general adaptation syndrome. How did your body respond to the stressor? Then, explain how you coped with the stressor. Based on the readings in this unit, do you think your coping technique was effective? 


 Which type of psychologist is concerned with changes in behaviour throughout the life span?

a. a social psychologist

b. a developmental psychologist

c. a personality psychologist

d. a cognitive psychologist

Psychoanalytical Theorists and Theories

   Required Textbook Readings: Schultz, D.P., & Schultz, S.E. (2012). A History of Modern Psychology, (Ed. 10th). Chapter 12, Gestalt Psychology Chapter 13, Psychoanalysis: The Beginnings Chapter 14, Psychoanalysis: After the Founding
Required Multimedia: Sigmund Freud: The Father of Psychoanalysis (Required: Watch the first 15 minutes and last 10 minutes.  Optional: Watch the entire 60 minutes.)  Carl Jung: The Self, YouTube Video  Erik Erikson’s Theory of Development, YouTube Video  Before the Assignment: Read Chapters 13 & 14 from your textbook. Watch the four assigned videos: Two Freud videos, Carl Jung, and Erik Erikson.

Instructions: Describe psychoanalysis from Chapter 13 (the beginnings) and Freud’s theory, focusing on only one or two of his concepts; do not go beyond this and discuss everything he put forth. Next, discuss discuss either Jung, or Erikson’s theory and one or two of their concepts Describe psychoanalysis from Chapter 14 (after the founding) and how this differed from Freud’s original psychoanalytical theory, choose one particular theorist to focus on and compare and contrast to Freud.) Briefly describe the Zeitgeist of the times in both psychoanalytical movements.

Additional Instructions: Remember to keep your focus narrow when discussing the theorists, only discussing the most important points of their theories and/or concepts. In order to earn maximum points for this assignment, include an introductory paragraph (thesis statement and main points) and a concluding paragraph (summarization of the topics, along with a strong concluding statement). Assignment should be approximately 750 words (3 pages) long and follow APA formatting style Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced. Must include citations in your paper from 4 sources, the two textbook Chapters 13 & 14.  Also the YouTube videos from Freud, and either Jung or Erikson (depending on which theorist you discussed in your paper), and any additional sources used which are optional. Include both a title and reference page of your sources

capstone assignment

Application: Time Line

Planning a major project requires organization and planning. Creating a time line is useful in planning the various stages of the project. This Application Assignment will assist you in planning and completing your Capstone Project by having you identify the various stages of the Project and create the time line for its completion.

To prepare: Review the “Capstone Project: PSYC 6393” PowerPoint presentation in this week’s Learning Resources to determine the components of the Capstone Project.   Review the document, “Creating a Time Line for the Capstone Project,” located in the Resources area on the left navigation bar.   Review the Syllabus, paying particular attention to the Weekly Course Schedule.   Review the document, “Writing a Capstone: Things You Should Know,” in this week’s Learning Resources.  

The assignment:

Create a time line for the accomplishment of your Capstone Project.

if you were a coach, what would be the 3 rules you would have for your team?

if you were a coach, what would be the 3 rules you would have for your team?

Many of our federal, state and local prisons

Many of our federal, state and local prisons are significantly overcrowded due to an ever increasing inmate population and longer sentences.  Consequently, our prison population is becoming elderly resulting in special age related and health-care requirements.  Additionally, new prisons are not being built to accommodate our prisoners, due to our poor economy.  During the last several decades the private prison industry has been developed and many prisoners have been shipped to these private facilities.  Do these private prisons provide an answer to prison overcrowding and are they equipped to handle the above referenced issues appropriately?  What are some of the problems that have been identified with the private prison industry? How does an inmate end up in a private prison? Your response should be at least 2-3 pages long.