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Assignment 2: Incidence Response Planning

 Assignment 2: Incidence Response Planning


You have been hired as a consultant to revise a company’s incident response plan and make recommendations for improvements to the plan based on best practices. The company has not had any breaches in the past five years, and the company does not budget a large amount of money to assess vulnerabilities or plan for incident occurrences.

Locate an incident response plan from your employer. Ensure that you change the name of the company and other information to protect sensitive data. In addition, conduct web research to find an appropriate case study or a white paper on incident response plan. Do not use sources that are vendor-biased (such as Cisco or Sunguard—where the company uses a document to support its product). You may even refer to magazines such as Information Week, which often features business continuity plans. Whatever you choose, ensure that you cite and provide reference of your work. You should not use the course textbook as a source for this assignment. Include 3–5 APA-formatted references.

Research on best practices for developing and improving an incidence response plan. Apply these practices in evaluating the incidence response plan described in M2 Assignment 1. Include citations in APA format for the sources of the best practices.

Tasks:Write a 3- to 5-page report to the business manager of your company. The report should include the following information:Description of the status of the plan.Description of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing plan. Justify your answers.Recommended modifications to improve the current plan.

Submission Details:Save the document as M2_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc.By Week 2, Day 7, submit your document to the M2 Assignment 2 Dropbox.Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Described the status of the plan.20Described the strengths and weaknesses of the existing plan. Justified the answers.28Recommended modifications to improve the current plan.32Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in the accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.20Total: