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ART 101 week 2 DQ 1


Ashford 3: – Week 2 – Discussion 1

Questions Art Historians Ask


   Refer to the assigned reading from the textbook and required videos as   examples of how to interpret works of art. Also, reflect on your reading   assignments for Week One.

  Review the “Questions Art Historians Use” section in the Introduction of the   textbook. Select two of the five questions. Explain what art historians are   trying to gain by asking each question and how they might go about finding an   answer.  

  Next, select a work of art of your choice from the textbook or from the Bonus   Images in your CourseMate digital resources. (Refer to the CourseMate Guide   in Week One for help accessing CourseMate for the first time. Once in your   CourseMate materials for this course and textbook, locate the Bonus Images   from the menu.) Apply the two questions you have selected to the work of art.   Explain how you went about finding the answers to the questions and what you   ultimately found those answers to be.  

  Be sure to include the citation for your selected work of art.

  Your initial post must be at least 200 words in length.

  Review several of your classmates’ posts. By Day 7, provide a substantive   response to at least two of your classmates. Review their applications of   their chosen questions to the works of art. What additional implications   could be considered in answering the questions? What additional question(s)   would you recommend asking about the works of art? Why?  

Please   follow the basic modified APA style citation format in the APA Artwork   Citations document   to reference works of art.