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Evidence based practice is essential to effective social work  practice. For  this assignment, you are required to (a) identify a  current practice problem  relevant in your current agency (i.e., working  with resistant clients, engaging  clients when they don’t talk much,  having negative perceptions about your  client, counter transference,  etc.), (b) after identifying your practice  problem, conduct an  extensive literature search as it relates to your practice  problem that  provides you with a complete understanding of the practice  problem.

Based on your findings in the literature, what did you  discover that will  help you address your practice problem? How might  your research guide your work  in your field agency?  After reviewing  the literature/research and  comparing it to the practice problem, the  student is expected to do the  following:

Submit a 1.5 page reflection paper that: Briefly discusses the literature  Briefly identifies the practice problem (working  with resistant clients, engaging  clients when they don’t talk much,) us problem. Briefly explains how the literature will be used to address the practice problem while engaging in the agency.

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