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In this assignment, you consider how leaders can  engage in a strategic planning process with stakeholders to develop a  plan to guide the organization’s evolution and development for the  long-term. Since strategic planning should engage persons who will be  affected by an organization’s decisions (e.g., staff, administration,  board members, members of the community), it is important to include key  stakeholders in the planning process so that it reflects their  perspectives and interests.

For this  Assignment, think about how you would begin the strategic planning  process for a human services organization. Consider the human services  organizations for which you have worked either in your fieldwork or as  an employee. Based on what you know about a particular organization,  what steps might you take to establish a plan for the organization’s  long-term development? 

Assignment 3 pages in APA format): Describe the first three steps  you would take to begin the strategic planning process for a human  services organization. Be sure to include the key stakeholders—who  should be involved in each step and why they need to be included in the  process. In addition, include steps you would take to establish  stakeholder support and confidence.

Note: Although you will base your strategic plan on what you know about an actual organization, do not include any identifying information about the organization or its stakeholders.

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