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500 words Public Health Leadership (Trait Theory)

Due 9/12/18 7p.m EST



Trait Theory suggests certain individuals have innate characteristics or traits that may assist in particular leadership situations. Researchers in the field have identified specific traits necessary for effective leadership. As a future leader in public health, it is important to know how particular traits may impact effective leadership.

For this Discussion, review the article (LEVEL5 LEADERSHIP) ATTACHED” to highlight the strengths and limitations of Trait Theory of leadership. Select an effective leader to use for this Discussion. Think about the traits of the leader you selected. Consider how useful Trait Theory is in assessing the leader’s effectiveness.



Clearly identify the ‘Leader’ that you have selected at the beginning of the discussion.

 a brief description of the leader you selected and two of his or her essential leadership traits. Then, describe two strengths and two limitations of Trait Theory. Finally, explain the usefulness of Trait Theory in assessing the effectiveness of the leader you selected.

You Must Use these headings in your discussion post:

A. Selected Leader and Two Essential Leadership Traits

B. Two strengths and Two Limitations of the Trait Theory

C. Usefulness of the Trait Theory in Assessing the Effectiveness of my selected Leader